Like the government bureaucrats before them, Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) play a crucial role in driving the 21st Century China economy which will soon become the world's largest.***


In a relationship-based society such as China, knowing the key corporate decision makers is as important as possessing the technologies and financial resources. Yet we know so little about China's wealth-creators - the CEOs - who exhibit different mindsets, expectations and perspectives than those of their western counterparts.

Understanding these differences is key to building and maintaining a successful business in China.

As more China companies expand internationally, Americans working effectively with China CEOs are in a stronger position to maintain a competitive edge in global commerce. (see China Buys the World, Fortune Magazine, October 26, 2009)


This website is devoted exclusively to the study of China's chief executive officers and other senior China executives. It serves as a platform for the dissemination of knowledge on contemporary China executives.

*** This PDF file contains information on China's growing importance and global influence.

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